Medicare doesn't have to be difficult.

We understand that Medicare is a complex topic, and we want to make it as easy to understand as possible. That's our commitment to you.
We work exclusively with Medicare recipients and understand the needs and concerns of people going on Medicare.
Personalized Approach
Let us come to you! We will meet you where its most convenient for you, even if it's your home. Because we believe in face-to-face connection.
Don't settle on a cookie-cutter Medicare plan. We are here to service your specific needs for years to come, and your plan will reflect that!

Your needs

Each person on the verge of applying for medicare comes into it with different understandings, perspectives, and needs. At Active Medicare Solutions, we take the time to discover which options will work best for you.

Your Options

Medicare Supplements & Medigap
Medicare Advantage
Part D & Prescription Drug Plan
Ready to get started? Let's talk about your Medicare options today.


Common Medicare Questions
Confused about the process? We've answered some frequently asked questions for you.
Glossary Terms
If you get lost in the lingo, check out these industry terms defined for your convenience.
Medicare Forms
Ready to get the process started? Access essential Medicare applications here.
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