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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Henrico County, VA


Information about Medicare supplement insurance plans in Henrico County, VA
A Medicare Supplement, also called Medigap, is used to pay all or a portion of the Part A and Part B deductibles, skilled nursing co-payments, and the 20% Part B co-insurance that Medicare does not cover. Original Medicare remains your primary insurance, and a supplement/Medigap pays second. You will also need a Part D Prescription Drug Plan to go with it. Supplements are named A through N and each one has slightly different coverage. Medigap plans are standardized, so the benefits of each plan do not vary by carrier.

What is medigap?

Also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medigap is a policy through a private insurance company that covers several things Medicare does not cover on its own. These include:


Use any doctor that accepts Medicare, no referrals needed, no co-payments or deductibles or co-insurance to pay on some plans.


It comes with a monthly premium. You must also carry three different cards; Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plan and pay a higher premium. It does not include Dental, Vision or hearing aid benefits. 
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